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We can experience difficult feelings at any time in our life. They can occur following a challenging life event such as bereavement, divorce or a change in circumstance, but this is not always the case, and sometimes we can experience feelings of hopelessness, anxiety or depression for no obvious reason. While the people around us can be a great source of support, it is not always easy to talk to those closest to us and this can leave us feeling isolated and alone.

Counselling is a talking therapy which offers you time and space to discuss what is making life difficult in a safe and non-judgemental environment. How counselling can help will be different for each person but often just having someone to talk to in confidence is hugely beneficial. It offers you the space and freedom to explore your own thoughts with an unbiased party and can help you identify what needs to change in order for you to move forward in life.

Counselling is a collaborative process, and, in the majority of cases, one session will not be enough to overcome the issues you are facing, and will take time and consistency to work effectively. Therefore, time is set aside on a regular basis (usually weekly) for us to meet and together we can explore what is making life difficult for you.

We go at your pace with you deciding what you want to explore and when so you are always in control of what you share in therapy.

My role as your counsellor is not to tell you what to do nor give advice but I can help you develop your own insights, understand the cause of your issues and to find ways of coping so you are able to resolve them.

The counselling process is a journey which at times can be challenging as you process feelings and events that brought you here but it is also an enlightening process as you begin to understand and accept yourself better and gives you a new perspective on your life.

If you would like more information about the counselling process or how I work, give me a call and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

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